More questions from the mail bag! This week Kyle Cook of Paris, ON asks what Kyle Cook, the drummer of The Victim Party, does to warm up before playing a gig or entering a marathon recording session. Well, Kyle has several preshow rituals that he uses to get himself into a focused state of beat, but today we’re  going to leave those for another post, and concentrate on his recording session rituals.

Before he even picks up a drumstick, Kyle does what all serious musicians do, he loses his pants. “My legs have to be naked if I’m going to pound some skins, so I only wear high cut shorts or my briefs,” he tells me between giant gulps from a 2litre bottle of Cola. Carbonated drinks are another staple of Kyle’s prerecording hype up. “I need as much caffeine in me as possible, and I really need a full bladder. If I have to piss but won’t let myself, that urgent feeling really translates into the finished product. If I feel like I have to go but can’t then I tend to play everything faster, and as we all know, faster is better. “ Now that he’s jacked up on caffeine and fighting to keep his underwear dry, Kyle moves onto his only meal for the entire session – cabbage. “I need something with minor nutritional value that won’t make my tummy upset. I want to feel full but I don’t want to be sick. Cabbage, particularly red cabbage has always done the trick. I don’t cut it or nothing, I just hold it like a big apple and chomp away while the engineer gets the levels.” And once the levels are good, it’s quiet on the set. “I fucking hate when everyone is flapping their jaws in the studio. This art, my art, requires complete concentration. I don’t want to hear any notes about my playing, or what someone did on their day off. And I especially don’t want to hear any jokes – one uncontrolled burst of laughter and I’m libel to piss all over myself and my drums. It’s happened more than once. Seriously, my kit smells like I store it next to a litter box.”

That’s all the time we have for letters for now. We’ll keep you posted about how the session goes. If you’re in Toronto this weekend, we highly recommend making your way to the Toronto Reference Library for this fun event.  Or if that’s not your thing, try a movie, particularly this move.

April 10, 2012, 8:56 pm
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A lot of cards and letters have been making their way to TVP central since we released “The Worst Party on Earth.” While the lion’s share of these provide much appreciated criticism of our appearance and  musicianship, a tiny portion are concerned with the fact that we have released our first album on a format that does not cater to most writers’ technological limitations. Never a band to ignore their pen- pals, we have now made said album available for digital download through the generosity of this up and coming company.  A passable credit rating is required for purchase.

Concerts are always great places to make new friends.  And we hope to make some new friends on April 28th when we play with some old friends at the Hard Luck in Toronto.

Some of our most recent friends have been asking,”Hey, gang, what are your guys reading these days? Any suggestions?” This is a popular line of questioning with The Victim Party because we feel that literacy is really really important. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend Sunday morning or those precious hours before bedtime, might we suggest cuddling up with this wonderful graphic novel.  For those of you suffering through the frustration of insomnia, we suggest taking a look at one of the volumes in this fine series that deals with just that very dilemma.

Until next time, please enjoy this young fellow’s internal struggle.

April 4, 2012, 7:56 pm
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So we’re playing the penultimate show at the Dude Ranch in London on April 7th and we’re stoked about it. Dustin and the guys have had a good run of putting on basement shows over the past couple years and it’s an honour to be playing one of the farewell shows.  Most of us have been playing punk rock for quite a long time and it’s always awesome to run into people that are willing to let bands make noise in their house. If you’re in the area come on out, pound back a couple cans and party while you’re still able to.

For those of you that were in Toronto last weekend, hopefully you caught the last ever show by Dean’s (guitar) other band The Artist Life. It was a fun, emotional night, and if you missed it, that sucks.

Speaking of The Artist Life, TVP will actually be recording a couple songs with Ian Blackwood in May for a 7 inch we’re putting out called “Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks.” We’re really looking forward to recording these tunes and can’t wait for all of you to hear them.

That’s it for now. But before I go, here is the worst idea in the history of television.

Article of Interest

We played a CMW show at the Bovine this past weekend. A few folks thought it would be interesting to speak to us before our set despite our insistence it would make people dumber to hear what we have to say. Regardless, one such individual is terrible at procrastination and had this article up mere days after we spoke. So click here for a CMW round up including a little interview with us.

Greetings and salutations

Oh, yes, hello, we’re The Victim Party. This is our first blog entry. If you have found yourself here with no clue about who or what we are, allow us to give you a quick point-form introduction:

  • We reside in Toronto and we play pop punk with much carbonation and humility.
  • La di da di we like to party.
  • People who enjoy this type of music, like ourselves, tend to become beer snobs as they age. We are not these people.
  • We have six members because we have two singers. These are the players: Adam (bass), Pat (guitar), Dean (guitar), Colin (vocals), Kyle (drums), Tabi (vocals).
  • Recently we released our first album “The Worst Party on Earth,” on our friend Andrew Harris’ record label Black Pint Records.
  • Andrew Harris has political views that conflict with the bands’ so we wrote a song about it. This has led some people to think of us as right-wing apologists. We consider this completely fair assessment to be both offensive and amusing.
  • We recorded said album, featuring said song, last summer with Shawn Dickey at the Lincoln County Social Club. The first 6 hours of each day were productive.
  • Shawn worked for free because he is a solid dude. We have yet to write a song about Shawn. Loading…
  • If you would like to hear some songs go here or here.
  • Incidentally you can also purchase a digital copy of the album from that second link.
  • If you would like to purchase the hard copy of the album, go here. We suggest this method of purchase as it provides you with a masterfully illustrated album cover designed by Adam (bass), a gorgeous piece of12″ translucent coloured vinyl, a lyric sheet featuring further illustrations by Adam (bass), and a convenient business-sized download card thoughtfully designed for the consumer on the go.
  • Recently we had a release show for “The Worst Party on Earth” at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. It was great. Some of our friends’ bands played, and a lot of people came out to party.
  • We have been writing a lot of new material, and we prefer to play this material live because we are getting tired of playing what has already been documented for posterity.

Have a wonderful day. SCIENCE! at 00:54!