Bonjour! Plenty of wonderful things are afoot. Firstly, we are playing two awesome shows next week. It all begins when we will be joined by some very good friends for this potentially delightful soiree:


Following that TVP will be making our first trans-provincial journey to Quebec! Poutine, smoked meat, beer that’s sold in convenience stores, Drawn and Quarterly, and of course this weekend of high culture:


Now a few of our pen-pals have written in, asking where the hell our name is on that poster? To be honest, I have not skimmed the tiny print to see if we’re listed….in all likelihood we aren’t as there was a slight procrastination problem on our end when it came to confirming and handing in our band information. Fear not though, we are playing, and on a great bill to boot. Check the details here. We’re on at 9:25pm at Cafe Chaos on Saturday night.

But enough about our shows. Let’s talk about our bodies, on film, not lip synching. Below is a short video that our buddy Mike Philper shot of us rocking out in our jam space during a practice, intercut with us rocking out in someone else’s jam space in front of some very disinterested drinkers. It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this so we hope you enjoy.

In honour of this auspicious occasion we have devised a simple contest for you to enter.

Step 1.Watch the video carefully

Step 2.fill in these blanks:

“what would ____ _____ do?”

Step 3. Come out to our Toronto (May 15 @The Bovine) or Montreal (May 18th @Cafe Chaos) shows, find Patrick and be the first to utter the above phrase.

If you find Patrick first and utter the correct words and you are a person that has reached the legal drinking  age for either province, Patrick will buy you, on behalf of The Victim Party,  1 domestic beer. Incidentally,  when you speak to Patrick you should congratulate him on completing the Toronto Marathon.

Oh, yes, one more thing, this is the design for our new t-shirt which will be debuting at our Pouzza show.


Have a good one, and keep those letters coming.

SUPER SECRET Show with Saint Alvia Cartel Contest Winners!

About a week ago we told all you Victims out there about a contest we were throwing that would gain you access to an Ultra, Super, Secret, Show we were playing at an undisclosed location with our friends, The Saint Alvia Cartel.

We had a flood of entries and limited capacity so we had to play by the rules and make sure everyone completed all the steps of the contest.

Alas, of the 37 entries we received only 2 had completed all three steps. In an effort to be fair we requested each winner bring only 1 guest and share the wealth. As you can see from the below photo, it was a riot. Our winners were one of our usual penpals who we finally had the pleasure of meeting -Maxine Daniels, and her best friend Violette from Brantford. As well as Krista Mathews and her friend Tara all the way from London! Here they are posing with some of the band members (unfortunately all members were not able to meet with them personally)


In addition to watching us play an intimate and interactive set where prizes were endlessly passed out to the audience, and almost any form of debauchery was allowed, they also got to see Juno award nominees The Saint Alvia Cartel throw down, and both bands mix it up at the end of the night with some unexpected covers! You’ll never see that again, will you?

660 richmond


After the show, our winners were treated to the full band experience, lugging gear back to our space and then listening to an additional mini set of our bassist Matt Woo beat-boxing and Singer Colin Lichti spitting some verses.


All and all, it was a great experience for our winners and for us. Hope the prizes kept you warm on your way back into the armpits of Ontario, ladies. Let us know that you made it home ok as we lost track of you shortly after we asked you to leave our jam space.

March 22, 2013, 9:06 pm
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With the departure of bassist-extraordinaire Adam there was an uncomfortable vacuum in the Victim Party. It was such a startling, and bizarre sensation for us that we actually considered leaving the bass player shoes unfilled and changing or name to The Vacuum Party. We mentioned the name change to a few of our pen-pals and they thought that the idea was, “swag.” Confused by just what that means, and subsequently embarrassed by our confusion, we decided it might be more prudent to find a new player to supply us with those sweet, sweet lows.

So, without any further ado, we welcome old friend, and all around rad dude, Matt Woo to the band.  Mr. Woo is a well known party-animal and softball player in Toronto, and just by mentioning his name we feel about 60% more popular.

Matt will be cutting his chops at a secret show we’re playing with our buddy-pals The St. Alvia Cartel on March 30th.  If you would like to come to this show, please do what the words in italics tell you to do:

Hey little Victims,
we have a SUPER SECRET Toronto show with The Saint Alvia Cartel happening on March 30th. I bet you’d like to come to this extremely intimate byob party, but you can’t.

Well most of you can’t, but one lucky person (and a guest of their choosing) will get an exclusive invite to the show (where they can watch our new, still to be announced, bass player’s first show) and pick up a FREE record (signed if you like, but we always feel like such assholes signing our names on shit)

All you have to do is donate a minimum of $5 to END7

Then send us a screen shot of your confirmed donation and answer this skill testing question:
Who recorded The Victim Party’s latest release “Hard Drugs/Soft Drinks”?

Want a 2nd guest spot? Then answer us this:
Who Mastered the above mentioned release?

That’s all for now kids, send your answers and screenshots to

Matt will be making his non-secret debut on April 15th at Sneaky Dee’s when we play alongside Junior Battles, and Broadway Calls.



It is with heavy, although dieting, hearts that we bid farewell to founding bassist and spritely curmudgeon Adam Cook. As many of our pen-pals have pointed out Adam is leaving team TVP at the worst possible time because we have just released the super excellent 7inch “Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks” via Safe Haven Records.  (Buy your copy today here, or preview it here) And, as many of you have guessed, Adam’s departure was a messy affair, largely due to creative differences regarding the title of the aforementioned 7 inch record. While the five of us that still make up team TVP were content with the title we inevitably settled on, Adam was insistent we call it “Hard Rugs and Soft Dinks.” Never ones to put our good reputation in the gutter and lower ourselves to sexual innuendo, all of Adam’s votes for this distasteful pun were vetoed. He was not happy, and trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to be a fly on the wall of our rehearsal space the day shit hit the fan. Adam exploded, made Colin cry, and almost came to blows with his own brother Kyle (this of course was a common occurrence, as brothers will be brothers, but on this particular day it was a grim and uncomfortable exchange of words and bravado).

Letting bygones be douches, we wish him all the best, and we know he will excel at whatever he dabbles his calloused little fingers in next. We are all honoured to have played with him and will miss him greatly.  Except for Colin. He’s furious and depressed.


More questions from the mail bag! This week Kyle Cook of Paris, ON asks what Kyle Cook, the drummer of The Victim Party, does to warm up before playing a gig or entering a marathon recording session. Well, Kyle has several preshow rituals that he uses to get himself into a focused state of beat, but today we’re  going to leave those for another post, and concentrate on his recording session rituals.

Before he even picks up a drumstick, Kyle does what all serious musicians do, he loses his pants. “My legs have to be naked if I’m going to pound some skins, so I only wear high cut shorts or my briefs,” he tells me between giant gulps from a 2litre bottle of Cola. Carbonated drinks are another staple of Kyle’s prerecording hype up. “I need as much caffeine in me as possible, and I really need a full bladder. If I have to piss but won’t let myself, that urgent feeling really translates into the finished product. If I feel like I have to go but can’t then I tend to play everything faster, and as we all know, faster is better. “ Now that he’s jacked up on caffeine and fighting to keep his underwear dry, Kyle moves onto his only meal for the entire session – cabbage. “I need something with minor nutritional value that won’t make my tummy upset. I want to feel full but I don’t want to be sick. Cabbage, particularly red cabbage has always done the trick. I don’t cut it or nothing, I just hold it like a big apple and chomp away while the engineer gets the levels.” And once the levels are good, it’s quiet on the set. “I fucking hate when everyone is flapping their jaws in the studio. This art, my art, requires complete concentration. I don’t want to hear any notes about my playing, or what someone did on their day off. And I especially don’t want to hear any jokes – one uncontrolled burst of laughter and I’m libel to piss all over myself and my drums. It’s happened more than once. Seriously, my kit smells like I store it next to a litter box.”

That’s all the time we have for letters for now. We’ll keep you posted about how the session goes. If you’re in Toronto this weekend, we highly recommend making your way to the Toronto Reference Library for this fun event.  Or if that’s not your thing, try a movie, particularly this move.

April 10, 2012, 8:56 pm
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A lot of cards and letters have been making their way to TVP central since we released “The Worst Party on Earth.” While the lion’s share of these provide much appreciated criticism of our appearance and  musicianship, a tiny portion are concerned with the fact that we have released our first album on a format that does not cater to most writers’ technological limitations. Never a band to ignore their pen- pals, we have now made said album available for digital download through the generosity of this up and coming company.  A passable credit rating is required for purchase.

Concerts are always great places to make new friends.  And we hope to make some new friends on April 28th when we play with some old friends at the Hard Luck in Toronto.

Some of our most recent friends have been asking,”Hey, gang, what are your guys reading these days? Any suggestions?” This is a popular line of questioning with The Victim Party because we feel that literacy is really really important. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend Sunday morning or those precious hours before bedtime, might we suggest cuddling up with this wonderful graphic novel.  For those of you suffering through the frustration of insomnia, we suggest taking a look at one of the volumes in this fine series that deals with just that very dilemma.

Until next time, please enjoy this young fellow’s internal struggle.