Plenty of mail in the mailbag this week and, wow, do our pen-pals ever want to know what new bass player and team builder Matt Woo does to get psyched up before practices and shows.
Claire Bellamy of Regina asks:

“What does bass player and team builder Matt Woo do to get psyched up before practices and shows?”

Never ones to put words in the mouths of others, we went straight to Matt to learn about his process. Turns out, there isn’t much to it.
In an email response directed to everyone on the TVP mailing list Matt had this to say:

“I golf before every show no matter what. Before practices I try to get in 18, but if there’s a schedule conflict I’ll settle for a mini putt or even croquet. And check it, crackers*, I fucking slay, so act like you know:”

That’s right a hole in one. Matt might talk a big game, but he has the chops to back it up.

In other news, we have some info about some rad shows, rad merch and a rad video coming your way soon. In the meantime, if you require something rad to tide you over, here is a bunch of impaired people covering “Roots Radicals.” As a side-note, you will have to adjust your audio speakers because the sound on this video is amazing, if you experience any distortion there must be something wrong with your system.

Until next time. Keep those letters coming.

*the racially sensitive language in this post does not represent the beliefs of The Victim Party as a whole. Rest assured Matt has been fined accordingly for his culturally insensitive remarks.