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Yes, we do need to talk. We have to break this awkward silence between us. And let’s face facts here – this lack of communication has been our fault. We ran an indiegogo campaign asking all of you Party Victims for donations to finance our next album, and it was a huge success. Everyone was so incredibly supportive and we surpassed our initial goal by an unexpected margin. Once we received the funds we hit the studio right away. It took about 6 days to lay everything down and we are currently in the mixing stage. Meanwhile,Colin is feverishly working to complete the comic book that will be the physical release of Getting to Know the Victim Party.

So the question arises, why have we been so distant? Why the shut mouths and inactive typing fingers? What’s the deal? Do we just take your money and then pretend like you don’t exist? Are we that fucking unappreciative? How dickish can one band be?

Well, with hats in hands, and eyes to the floor, we respectfully ask for your apology. We should have gotten in touch sooner. We should have said thanks somewhere other than just Facebook. Please forgive us, and disregard all actions that indicate ungratefulness. We are grateful, and touched, and still weeping with joy. No bullshit.

But, on to other things, like, when the bananas will this album-comic hybrid be released? Well, we plan to unleash GTKTVP as soon as all this disagreeable snow melts and the far more palatable season of spring has reared its rejuvenating head.

Until then, we will be working like mad to get everything prepped for mailing . Please note, for everyone that donated an amount that will get them a limited edition T-shirt, we will be contacting you to confirm sizing.

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone that came out and welcomed 2014 with some serious mayhem.

Also, we’re stoked to be playing Pouzza again this year. See you mugs there.