March 22, 2013, 9:06 pm
Filed under: Pen Pals, pop punk, punk, The Victim Party

With the departure of bassist-extraordinaire Adam there was an uncomfortable vacuum in the Victim Party. It was such a startling, and bizarre sensation for us that we actually considered leaving the bass player shoes unfilled and changing or name to The Vacuum Party. We mentioned the name change to a few of our pen-pals and they thought that the idea was, “swag.” Confused by just what that means, and subsequently embarrassed by our confusion, we decided it might be more prudent to find a new player to supply us with those sweet, sweet lows.

So, without any further ado, we welcome old friend, and all around rad dude, Matt Woo to the band.  Mr. Woo is a well known party-animal and softball player in Toronto, and just by mentioning his name we feel about 60% more popular.

Matt will be cutting his chops at a secret show we’re playing with our buddy-pals The St. Alvia Cartel on March 30th.  If you would like to come to this show, please do what the words in italics tell you to do:

Hey little Victims,
we have a SUPER SECRET Toronto show with The Saint Alvia Cartel happening on March 30th. I bet you’d like to come to this extremely intimate byob party, but you can’t.

Well most of you can’t, but one lucky person (and a guest of their choosing) will get an exclusive invite to the show (where they can watch our new, still to be announced, bass player’s first show) and pick up a FREE record (signed if you like, but we always feel like such assholes signing our names on shit)

All you have to do is donate a minimum of $5 to END7

Then send us a screen shot of your confirmed donation and answer this skill testing question:
Who recorded The Victim Party’s latest release “Hard Drugs/Soft Drinks”?

Want a 2nd guest spot? Then answer us this:
Who Mastered the above mentioned release?

That’s all for now kids, send your answers and screenshots to

Matt will be making his non-secret debut on April 15th at Sneaky Dee’s when we play alongside Junior Battles, and Broadway Calls.


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