Hello, it’s been a busy week! But really, every week is a busy one for TVP. We’re happy to say that the two songs for our forthcoming 7 inch (Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks) are on their way to be mastered by our buddy Jesse Colburn. They should be finished and ready for pressing shortly. Now all we need is someone to release this thing. Maybe we’ll release it ourselves. We haven’t decided because, as we mentioned, we’re busy.

While you wait to hear it, we invite you to enjoy our latest blog segment, “From the mouths of babes,” which we hope will provide you some insight into what it’s like to be in one of our half dozen pairs of shoes. Each week, or month depending on our level of busyness, we will post a quote overheard at band practice, in the studio, or in the van. We encourage of all our pen-pals to write in with their guess as to which member of the band was the source of this mystery quote.   Winners will have an original, hand drawn, one-panel mini comic, drawn by a band member, mailed to them (postage due). Enjoy, and let the games begin:

I’m uncomfortable with the revelations this band has been coming to.

Hilarious? Sad? What’s the context? Who’s the speaker? Who knows? Do you?

Well, we know that you know our address, so keep those letters coming. Take care.