April 10, 2012, 8:56 pm
Filed under: Pen Pals

A lot of cards and letters have been making their way to TVP central since we released “The Worst Party on Earth.” While the lion’s share of these provide much appreciated criticism of our appearance and  musicianship, a tiny portion are concerned with the fact that we have released our first album on a format that does not cater to most writers’ technological limitations. Never a band to ignore their pen- pals, we have now made said album available for digital download through the generosity of this up and coming company.  A passable credit rating is required for purchase.

Concerts are always great places to make new friends.  And we hope to make some new friends on April 28th when we play with some old friends at the Hard Luck in Toronto.

Some of our most recent friends have been asking,”Hey, gang, what are your guys reading these days? Any suggestions?” This is a popular line of questioning with The Victim Party because we feel that literacy is really really important. So if you’re looking for a great way to spend Sunday morning or those precious hours before bedtime, might we suggest cuddling up with this wonderful graphic novel.  For those of you suffering through the frustration of insomnia, we suggest taking a look at one of the volumes in this fine series that deals with just that very dilemma.

Until next time, please enjoy this young fellow’s internal struggle.

April 4, 2012, 7:56 pm
Filed under: Hard Drugs & Soft Drinks


So we’re playing the penultimate show at the Dude Ranch in London on April 7th and we’re stoked about it. Dustin and the guys have had a good run of putting on basement shows over the past couple years and it’s an honour to be playing one of the farewell shows.  Most of us have been playing punk rock for quite a long time and it’s always awesome to run into people that are willing to let bands make noise in their house. If you’re in the area come on out, pound back a couple cans and party while you’re still able to.

For those of you that were in Toronto last weekend, hopefully you caught the last ever show by Dean’s (guitar) other band The Artist Life. It was a fun, emotional night, and if you missed it, that sucks.

Speaking of The Artist Life, TVP will actually be recording a couple songs with Ian Blackwood in May for a 7 inch we’re putting out called “Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks.” We’re really looking forward to recording these tunes and can’t wait for all of you to hear them.

That’s it for now. But before I go, here is the worst idea in the history of television.