Article of Interest

We played a CMW show at the Bovine this past weekend. A few folks thought it would be interesting to speak to us before our set despite our insistence it would make people dumber to hear what we have to say. Regardless, one such individual is terrible at procrastination and had this article up mere days after we spoke. So click here for a CMW round up including a little interview with us.

Greetings and salutations

Oh, yes, hello, we’re The Victim Party. This is our first blog entry. If you have found yourself here with no clue about who or what we are, allow us to give you a quick point-form introduction:

  • We reside in Toronto and we play pop punk with much carbonation and humility.
  • La di da di we like to party.
  • People who enjoy this type of music, like ourselves, tend to become beer snobs as they age. We are not these people.
  • We have six members because we have two singers. These are the players: Adam (bass), Pat (guitar), Dean (guitar), Colin (vocals), Kyle (drums), Tabi (vocals).
  • Recently we released our first album “The Worst Party on Earth,” on our friend Andrew Harris’ record label Black Pint Records.
  • Andrew Harris has political views that conflict with the bands’ so we wrote a song about it. This has led some people to think of us as right-wing apologists. We consider this completely fair assessment to be both offensive and amusing.
  • We recorded said album, featuring said song, last summer with Shawn Dickey at the Lincoln County Social Club. The first 6 hours of each day were productive.
  • Shawn worked for free because he is a solid dude. We have yet to write a song about Shawn. Loading…
  • If you would like to hear some songs go here or here.
  • Incidentally you can also purchase a digital copy of the album from that second link.
  • If you would like to purchase the hard copy of the album, go here. We suggest this method of purchase as it provides you with a masterfully illustrated album cover designed by Adam (bass), a gorgeous piece of12″ translucent coloured vinyl, a lyric sheet featuring further illustrations by Adam (bass), and a convenient business-sized download card thoughtfully designed for the consumer on the go.
  • Recently we had a release show for “The Worst Party on Earth” at Sneaky Dee’s in Toronto. It was great. Some of our friends’ bands played, and a lot of people came out to party.
  • We have been writing a lot of new material, and we prefer to play this material live because we are getting tired of playing what has already been documented for posterity.

Have a wonderful day. SCIENCE! at 00:54!