We lied. We lied through our fucking teeth in our indiegogo campaign, and everyone bought it. Now we feel bad. We told all of you donators that you were getting a bookmark that would serve as a download card, along with a comic book that would be 5×7 inches, perfect bound, and roughly 30-50 pages. And right there, at the end of that sentence was where we lied. The book you’re actually getting is going to be 5.5×8.5 inches, perfect bound and exactly 76 pages….see, we lied. You’re actually getting a lot more than we promised. So, sorry for being fountains of misinfromation.

The exterior of the graphic novel (we’ve upgraded from comic book to graphic novel due to size and pretentiousness) was drawn by former bandmate, and long time thorn in our paw, Adam Cook, and designed by Colin, current band member and resident headcase. You can see some of it up top there.

So the day approaches. May 2nd we will release this graphic album upon the world.

For the majority of donators hailing from Toronto, members of the band will be delivering your package to your door. If you donated and are coming to our release show in Toronto on May 2nd (Sneaky Dee’s), or London on May 3rd (Call the Office) just send a quick email to to let us know, and we will have your package ready for you. As for everyone else, all of your packages will be mailed out the week of May 5th.

In preparation for all this excitement, we made this teaser video.

Please note, that while we think chimpanzees dressed as humans is cute, TVP does not endorse the type of animal ‘training’ (see abuse) these poor animals had to endure to create what was ultimately, a fucking idiotic and forgettable television show. Chimps are wild animals and should stay that way, they aren’t pets, they aren’t actors.

Having said that, we’ve devised a contest for you. You can win a pair of tickets to our Toronto or London shows mentioned above simply by answering this question:

What is the full name of the television program that we used for our teaser video.

Please email your answers to and specify which show you and a friend would like to attend.

First two people to answer correctly win.

In other news, we’ve been keeping ourselves super busy of late. Here’s a brief rundown of things we TVPers have been up to.

Pat has started a hardcore band called Hounds with some awesome dudes from awesome bands. Check it out here:

Dean (with Pat) has been working on his other band Tragic Hearts so expect some new stuff from them soon:

Tabi has been working behind the scenes for Toronto designer Thomas Balint who recently showed at Paris Fashion Week, as well as Ma——rd  Fashion week in Toronto:

Matt has been rocking hard with his other band Like Rivals, who are too DIY for a bandcamp page.

Kyle has been gearing up for another exciting season of softball with the Toronto Northcocks.

Meanwhile Colin has officially entered his mid-life crisis via hip hop, renamed himself Big Lies, and recently debuted on the final edition of Euphonic Sound’s Late Shift Cypher. (Colin, sorry Big Lies comes in in at 2:44). He and Tabi are currently working on a mixtape under the moniker No Hustle Crew.

Since we kicked this blog post off with admitting that we have lied, we suggest, in keeping with this theme, you check out the following film:



Screen Shot 2013-09-26 at 7.33.38 PM

Yes, we do need to talk. We have to break this awkward silence between us. And let’s face facts here – this lack of communication has been our fault. We ran an indiegogo campaign asking all of you Party Victims for donations to finance our next album, and it was a huge success. Everyone was so incredibly supportive and we surpassed our initial goal by an unexpected margin. Once we received the funds we hit the studio right away. It took about 6 days to lay everything down and we are currently in the mixing stage. Meanwhile,Colin is feverishly working to complete the comic book that will be the physical release of Getting to Know the Victim Party.

So the question arises, why have we been so distant? Why the shut mouths and inactive typing fingers? What’s the deal? Do we just take your money and then pretend like you don’t exist? Are we that fucking unappreciative? How dickish can one band be?

Well, with hats in hands, and eyes to the floor, we respectfully ask for your apology. We should have gotten in touch sooner. We should have said thanks somewhere other than just Facebook. Please forgive us, and disregard all actions that indicate ungratefulness. We are grateful, and touched, and still weeping with joy. No bullshit.

But, on to other things, like, when the bananas will this album-comic hybrid be released? Well, we plan to unleash GTKTVP as soon as all this disagreeable snow melts and the far more palatable season of spring has reared its rejuvenating head.

Until then, we will be working like mad to get everything prepped for mailing . Please note, for everyone that donated an amount that will get them a limited edition T-shirt, we will be contacting you to confirm sizing.

Happy New Year and thanks to everyone that came out and welcomed 2014 with some serious mayhem.

Also, we’re stoked to be playing Pouzza again this year. See you mugs there.



Long, long ago, in the before time of 2012 (maybe it was 2011, that was kind of a brown out year for us), we had a particularly silly band practice and came up with the idea to release a full length album about ourselves – with each song devoted to an individual TVPer. We thought “Getting to Know The Victim Party” sounded so ridiculous that it just might be awesome.  But right off the bat we ran into some rather tall hurdles. To begin with we only had 6 band members, so unless we doubled up with two songs about everyone, or turned each band member’s song into some kind of prog-rock jam session, how could we call this thing an LP and maintain the integrity that is synonymous with TVP? At best it would be a very long EP, or an LEP, if you will.  To remedy this, we decided to pen two more songs that would open and close the record. Boom, there we go, 8 songs.  With this number of tracks it seemed like we could possibly get away with the LP label. But it just felt weird. 8 songs? An LP? Balderdash! So we decided this will not stand, and set about writing a 9th song that would serve as a brief interlude from all of these other ego-centric tracks. Problem was, that new song was kind of whack and didn’t really fit in with everything else. It sounded forced, and far too serious for such an intentionally goofy concept.

Then tragedy struck. Adam, our founding bass player decided he’d had enough of these shenanigans and chose to leave the band. We were crestfallen and left wondering what the shit we were going to do next? Not only did we lose a  band member we loved, but how could we  use the song we’d written about  him since he was no longer part of the team? Would it be disingenuous? Would it be false? It only took about 10 minutes for us to realize that none of that mattered, and we could put anything we wanted on the album, plus we really liked Adam’s song.

Then fortune floated into our rehearsal space in the tall, dark and asian form of Matt.   We’d known him for years and he was a perfect fit. All we had to do was write a song about him. We got to work and once Matt’s song was fleshed out we sat around our space congratulating ourselves, and Kyle ended the evening with a toast,  which included  a slight variation to the lyrics of his favourite Boogie Down Productions song, “Wa da da dang, wa da da dang, listen to our 9 self-absorbed songs go BANG!” The toast didn’t work syllabically, but it sure as hell got us fired up and ready to go.

The next question we faced was how will this thing be released? A CD  seemed too 90s, and we’d already put out a vinyl LP and EP, so what was left? A strictly digital release? Nah, even in this modern age people want something tangible to put on their shelves.  So we talked and talked and talked and talked, and drank, and forgot most of our conversations.  But eventually we came up with an idea to combine a digital release with a different medium – the 9th art, the comic book, or, in this case, the graphic novel.  Comics had collided with punk rock many a time throughout the years, but we thought we were being particularly clever by making the physical release a comic with a bookmark (that would serve as a download card).  As far as we could tell, no one had ever done this. Sure, bands had released comics that accompanied their CDs or records, but this was just going to be a comic.

Colin, being the only art school dropout in the band took on the task of drawing. The first hurdle he encountered was the problem of fitting 6 or 7 people into each panel. It was annoying and made the pages look cramped, not to mention that he just couldn’t draw Dean’s nose right, no matter how hard he tried. To remedy this, we decided that the band would not appear as themselves, but would be represented by  two anthropomorphic characters. One would be called Bear, and the other Chimp. This, of course, posed a new set of problems. Who among us was Bear and who was Chimp? We discussed who was the hairiest and who looked the most like a short primate, and to be perfectly frank, this caused quite a bit of tension and hurt feelings. We decided, that too many tears had already been shed, so the only thing to do was deem Bear and Chimp sexless, ageless creatures, that didn’t represent any one member of the band but The Victim Party as a whole.  After all, there was a little honey eating hibernator, and rudimentary tool user in each of us.

The next hurdle we faced, was how to make this comic something worth reading? Was each song just going to be a short vignette about a particular band member? Or was there something that could connect each song into a bigger story?

We weren’t sure if it was fate, demonic intervention, or simply the bi-product of high functioning alcoholism but, we eventually came up with a story arc for Bear and Chimp that could link each song together. And at this point, the comic diverted from being just about us, and  evolved into an inter-species love story. The love affair of Bear and Chimp was the tale we were going to tell, and the more we worked on it, the more we noticed how much each of us had in common with these two beasts.  The relationships we have with our fellow bandmates mirrored those of our two protagonists.  They shared our triumphs and failures, our fears and desires. They partied likes us. They woke up hungover and crippled with remorse just like us. Bear and Chimp became TVP.

We got pretty excited about this project and thought about how it would be released? Do we shop it to labels? Do we work with the labels that put out our last two releases? None of those options seemed like the right thing to do. What had started off as an intentionally ludicrous  inside-joke was becoming intensely personal for all of us, and was pushing our creativity into places we’d never gone.  It just made sense that we should be the ones releasing it.

And then came the biggest hurdle of all: Money. Always money.

At first the idea of using crowdsourcing to fund GTKTVP made us uncomfortable. Isn’t this just internet panhandling? What if we try it and no one donates? Can we get our shit together and make a decent campaign video?

So we talked and talked and talked and talked, and drank less so as to remember our conversations, and concluded that this wasn’t begging people for money, this was asking people to help get a project off the ground.  Contributors aren’t giving US money, they’re funding our project and getting something in return. It reminded us of those old PBS pledge drives from the 80’s, like the video below demonstrates:

Now, we’re no Mike and Goldie, and we can’t offer to bring you fine programming like Nova or the latest Ken Burns documentary, but we are offering you a chance to help us make a great album that you can enjoy two different ways.

And as an extra bonus foe us, by crowdsourcing we get to bypass the music industry entirely. No labels. No publishing deals. No PR guys. Now don’t get us wrong, we’ve been fortunate to work  with great people in the past, particularly Andrew Harris from Black Pint Records and Kieran Meyn from Safe Haven records, both of whom do NOT exemplify the things we dislike about the music industry. However, this project is about us, so we want to do it ourselves….with your help of course.

We’re well past the halfway mark and there’s only 15 days left to donate. So, without any further ado, please go here, check out our campaign video and donate what you can. We have some pretty sweet incentive packages, ranging from the practical to the farcical.

Thanks for reading and be safe.


Bonjour! Plenty of wonderful things are afoot. Firstly, we are playing two awesome shows next week. It all begins when we will be joined by some very good friends for this potentially delightful soiree:


Following that TVP will be making our first trans-provincial journey to Quebec! Poutine, smoked meat, beer that’s sold in convenience stores, Drawn and Quarterly, and of course this weekend of high culture:


Now a few of our pen-pals have written in, asking where the hell our name is on that poster? To be honest, I have not skimmed the tiny print to see if we’re listed….in all likelihood we aren’t as there was a slight procrastination problem on our end when it came to confirming and handing in our band information. Fear not though, we are playing, and on a great bill to boot. Check the details here. We’re on at 9:25pm at Cafe Chaos on Saturday night.

But enough about our shows. Let’s talk about our bodies, on film, not lip synching. Below is a short video that our buddy Mike Philper shot of us rocking out in our jam space during a practice, intercut with us rocking out in someone else’s jam space in front of some very disinterested drinkers. It’s the first time we’ve done anything like this so we hope you enjoy.

In honour of this auspicious occasion we have devised a simple contest for you to enter.

Step 1.Watch the video carefully

Step 2.fill in these blanks:

“what would ____ _____ do?”

Step 3. Come out to our Toronto (May 15 @The Bovine) or Montreal (May 18th @Cafe Chaos) shows, find Patrick and be the first to utter the above phrase.

If you find Patrick first and utter the correct words and you are a person that has reached the legal drinking  age for either province, Patrick will buy you, on behalf of The Victim Party,  1 domestic beer. Incidentally,  when you speak to Patrick you should congratulate him on completing the Toronto Marathon.

Oh, yes, one more thing, this is the design for our new t-shirt which will be debuting at our Pouzza show.


Have a good one, and keep those letters coming.


Plenty of mail in the mailbag this week and, wow, do our pen-pals ever want to know what new bass player and team builder Matt Woo does to get psyched up before practices and shows.
Claire Bellamy of Regina asks:

“What does bass player and team builder Matt Woo do to get psyched up before practices and shows?”

Never ones to put words in the mouths of others, we went straight to Matt to learn about his process. Turns out, there isn’t much to it.
In an email response directed to everyone on the TVP mailing list Matt had this to say:

“I golf before every show no matter what. Before practices I try to get in 18, but if there’s a schedule conflict I’ll settle for a mini putt or even croquet. And check it, crackers*, I fucking slay, so act like you know:”

That’s right a hole in one. Matt might talk a big game, but he has the chops to back it up.

In other news, we have some info about some rad shows, rad merch and a rad video coming your way soon. In the meantime, if you require something rad to tide you over, here is a bunch of impaired people covering “Roots Radicals.” As a side-note, you will have to adjust your audio speakers because the sound on this video is amazing, if you experience any distortion there must be something wrong with your system.

Until next time. Keep those letters coming.

*the racially sensitive language in this post does not represent the beliefs of The Victim Party as a whole. Rest assured Matt has been fined accordingly for his culturally insensitive remarks.

SUPER SECRET Show with Saint Alvia Cartel Contest Winners!

About a week ago we told all you Victims out there about a contest we were throwing that would gain you access to an Ultra, Super, Secret, Show we were playing at an undisclosed location with our friends, The Saint Alvia Cartel.

We had a flood of entries and limited capacity so we had to play by the rules and make sure everyone completed all the steps of the contest.

Alas, of the 37 entries we received only 2 had completed all three steps. In an effort to be fair we requested each winner bring only 1 guest and share the wealth. As you can see from the below photo, it was a riot. Our winners were one of our usual penpals who we finally had the pleasure of meeting -Maxine Daniels, and her best friend Violette from Brantford. As well as Krista Mathews and her friend Tara all the way from London! Here they are posing with some of the band members (unfortunately all members were not able to meet with them personally)


In addition to watching us play an intimate and interactive set where prizes were endlessly passed out to the audience, and almost any form of debauchery was allowed, they also got to see Juno award nominees The Saint Alvia Cartel throw down, and both bands mix it up at the end of the night with some unexpected covers! You’ll never see that again, will you?

660 richmond


After the show, our winners were treated to the full band experience, lugging gear back to our space and then listening to an additional mini set of our bassist Matt Woo beat-boxing and Singer Colin Lichti spitting some verses.


All and all, it was a great experience for our winners and for us. Hope the prizes kept you warm on your way back into the armpits of Ontario, ladies. Let us know that you made it home ok as we lost track of you shortly after we asked you to leave our jam space.

March 25, 2013, 9:36 pm
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Toronto’s Hottest Bartender Josh Lindley made a drink and slapped our name on it because he rules.  He threw a sweet party on Saturday night and while we were there we caught this master drink maker in action.  Take a look at the video, learn how to make it, then make it at home and discover what it’s like to have 5 men and a woman in your mouth simultaneously.

March 22, 2013, 9:06 pm
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With the departure of bassist-extraordinaire Adam there was an uncomfortable vacuum in the Victim Party. It was such a startling, and bizarre sensation for us that we actually considered leaving the bass player shoes unfilled and changing or name to The Vacuum Party. We mentioned the name change to a few of our pen-pals and they thought that the idea was, “swag.” Confused by just what that means, and subsequently embarrassed by our confusion, we decided it might be more prudent to find a new player to supply us with those sweet, sweet lows.

So, without any further ado, we welcome old friend, and all around rad dude, Matt Woo to the band.  Mr. Woo is a well known party-animal and softball player in Toronto, and just by mentioning his name we feel about 60% more popular.

Matt will be cutting his chops at a secret show we’re playing with our buddy-pals The St. Alvia Cartel on March 30th.  If you would like to come to this show, please do what the words in italics tell you to do:

Hey little Victims,
we have a SUPER SECRET Toronto show with The Saint Alvia Cartel happening on March 30th. I bet you’d like to come to this extremely intimate byob party, but you can’t.

Well most of you can’t, but one lucky person (and a guest of their choosing) will get an exclusive invite to the show (where they can watch our new, still to be announced, bass player’s first show) and pick up a FREE record (signed if you like, but we always feel like such assholes signing our names on shit)

All you have to do is donate a minimum of $5 to END7

Then send us a screen shot of your confirmed donation and answer this skill testing question:
Who recorded The Victim Party’s latest release “Hard Drugs/Soft Drinks”?

Want a 2nd guest spot? Then answer us this:
Who Mastered the above mentioned release?

That’s all for now kids, send your answers and screenshots to

Matt will be making his non-secret debut on April 15th at Sneaky Dee’s when we play alongside Junior Battles, and Broadway Calls.



It is with heavy, although dieting, hearts that we bid farewell to founding bassist and spritely curmudgeon Adam Cook. As many of our pen-pals have pointed out Adam is leaving team TVP at the worst possible time because we have just released the super excellent 7inch “Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks” via Safe Haven Records.  (Buy your copy today here, or preview it here) And, as many of you have guessed, Adam’s departure was a messy affair, largely due to creative differences regarding the title of the aforementioned 7 inch record. While the five of us that still make up team TVP were content with the title we inevitably settled on, Adam was insistent we call it “Hard Rugs and Soft Dinks.” Never ones to put our good reputation in the gutter and lower ourselves to sexual innuendo, all of Adam’s votes for this distasteful pun were vetoed. He was not happy, and trust me, you wouldn’t have wanted to be a fly on the wall of our rehearsal space the day shit hit the fan. Adam exploded, made Colin cry, and almost came to blows with his own brother Kyle (this of course was a common occurrence, as brothers will be brothers, but on this particular day it was a grim and uncomfortable exchange of words and bravado).

Letting bygones be douches, we wish him all the best, and we know he will excel at whatever he dabbles his calloused little fingers in next. We are all honoured to have played with him and will miss him greatly.  Except for Colin. He’s furious and depressed.


Hello, it’s been a busy week! But really, every week is a busy one for TVP. We’re happy to say that the two songs for our forthcoming 7 inch (Hard Drugs and Soft Drinks) are on their way to be mastered by our buddy Jesse Colburn. They should be finished and ready for pressing shortly. Now all we need is someone to release this thing. Maybe we’ll release it ourselves. We haven’t decided because, as we mentioned, we’re busy.

While you wait to hear it, we invite you to enjoy our latest blog segment, “From the mouths of babes,” which we hope will provide you some insight into what it’s like to be in one of our half dozen pairs of shoes. Each week, or month depending on our level of busyness, we will post a quote overheard at band practice, in the studio, or in the van. We encourage of all our pen-pals to write in with their guess as to which member of the band was the source of this mystery quote.   Winners will have an original, hand drawn, one-panel mini comic, drawn by a band member, mailed to them (postage due). Enjoy, and let the games begin:

I’m uncomfortable with the revelations this band has been coming to.

Hilarious? Sad? What’s the context? Who’s the speaker? Who knows? Do you?

Well, we know that you know our address, so keep those letters coming. Take care.